Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do you apply?
A: Prepare Your Skin- Prep your skin at least 24 hours prior to applying any of our tanning mousses (NOT THE DAY OF) shower per usual and shave. Shampoo + Condition your hair. Exfoliate with X-Tan Mitt and only use water- no exfoliating scrubs AT ALL. A scrub will leave a film on your skin and the tan won't be able to penetrate it as well. Do not apply lotion. For best results, follow in this order and avoid Dove, Vaseline, or any products with a heavy scent.
    Apply- Lightly moisturize areas that are dry prior to tanning. Think hands, feet, elbows, knees and ankles. Starting with legs, work your way up your body in circular motions using only two pumps at a time. Go back and do feet, hands, face and neck last with the remaining mousse that's absorbed into the mitt. 
DO NOT TOUCH YOURSELF after you've finished applying the mousse. The cosmetic bronzer can transfer onto the palms of your hands and develop there. If you purchased Gypsy Dust, use a large makeup brush to dust your body with. Gypsy Dust is a setting powder made specifically for sunless tanning. It's meant to dry the tan quickly, alleviate that sticky, tacky feeling, and help not transfer off onto your clothes, your sheets, or the interior of your car. Gypsy Dust is also great during warm months. Apply behind the knees, underarms, chest, back, bra and anywhere you accumulate sweat even without a sunless tan. Gypsy Dust is talc and paraben free.
    Post Tan Care- Marinate. Literally do nothing. Wear dark loose clothing while your tan develops. After 8-12 hours (2-5 hours with Dark Chocolate Mousse for a light glow) rinse with cool water. No loofah, no wash cloth, pat dry with a towel and moisturize with Time Traveler Tan Extender or Hempz lotion. After the first 24 hours, wash with Bohemian Clean body wash. If you wash your body before the 24 hour mark, your tan won't be as dark or last as long.

Q: How long does the tan last?
6-13 days, as long as you prep and take care of your tan. Remember to prepare your skin 1-2 days prior, NOT the day of.

Q: Which shade should I get?
This all depends on your tanning goal. Golden Glow is our overnight tanning mousse, while Dark Chocolate and Earth Child are our rapid tanning mousses. 

Q: How do I take care of it?
A: Drink lots of water, you want to hydrate your skin inside and out! Use our Tan Extender, after your first rinse. Wash your hands after using tan extender. This will help extend your tan 2-5 days. You can also use Hempz Lotion to help keep your skin moisturized. *See the above post tan care for additional tips*

Q: What other products do you have?
Have you tried our Tanning Water Spritz? Shop here. Remember a little goes a long way.

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